Sandberg Sweden E-commerce SEO

Sandberg Sweden increased 50% organic traffic after site migration with Newgen Media's expertise.

Sandberg Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
01. The Challenge

Sandberg Sweden, a well-established brand, had recently undergone a website migration to improve user experience and modernize their online presence. However, this migration resulted in an unexpected setback: a significant drop in organic traffic. The website's search engine ranking plummeted, and technical issues seemed to be holding back its organic performance. This decline raised concerns about the long-term sustainability of the company's digital presence and the potential loss of valuable leads and conversions.

02. The Solution

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Sandberg Sweden turned to Newgen Media for a comprehensive solution. Our team embarked on a meticulous journey to assess the technical aspects of the website and identify the key issues that were hindering its organic performance.

We initiated the project with a thorough technical audit of Sandberg Sweden's website. This audit encompassed a detailed examination of on-page and off-page factors, including website structure, page load times, meta tags, schema markup, mobile-friendliness, and more. The objective was to pinpoint the root causes of the decline in organic traffic.

Through our technical audit, we identified a range of critical issues that were impacting the website's search engine visibility. These included broken links, duplicate content, slow page loading times, and poorly optimized images, among others. Additionally, we noticed gaps in their SEO strategy, such as keyword optimization and content quality.

With a clear understanding of the issues at hand, we developed a comprehensive action plan to address each problem systematically. Our team prioritized the most critical issues to ensure a swift and effective turnaround. We also revised the website's content strategy to include keyword optimization and improved user engagement.

03. The Result

Over a span of 10 months, our collaborative efforts with Sandberg Sweden yielded remarkable results.

By diligently tackling the technical issues and optimizing the website for search engines, we managed to reverse the decline in organic traffic. Non-branded organic traffic increased by over 50%, indicating a significant improvement in the website's visibility and reach.

The enhanced user experience, coupled with strategic content optimization, resulted in a noticeable increase in organic conversions. This boost in conversions translated into tangible business growth and revenue generation for Sandberg Sweden.

The case of Sandberg Sweden serves as a testament to the power of strategic SEO and technical expertise in the digital landscape. By performing a comprehensive technical audit, identifying critical issues, and implementing tailored solutions, we successfully revived the client's organic traffic and increased organic conversions. This collaborative effort not only helped Sandberg Sweden recover from a challenging situation but also positioned them for sustained growth in the highly competitive online marketplace.

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