Flygi Transforming Organic Traffic for Swedish Travelers

Flygi: 100%+ organic traffic increase via technical optimization and content enhancement for Swedish travelers.

Gothenburg, Stockholm
01. The Challenge

Flygi, a dedicated platform for Swedish travelers seeking unique destinations, faced a daunting challenge. Despite hosting a vast collection of high-quality travel content, the client struggled to attract even negligible organic traffic. This situation prompted the need for a comprehensive strategy to boost organic visibility.

02. The Solution

To address Flygi's organic traffic challenge, our team initiated a multifaceted approach that began with a meticulous technical audit to identify the underlying issues hindering the website's performance.

We commenced the project by conducting a thorough technical audit of Flygi's website. This audit scrutinized various aspects, including site structure, loading times, meta tags, and indexing efficiency, with the primary objective of uncovering the root causes of the traffic shortfall.

Upon identifying the technical impediments, we undertook a content structure enhancement initiative. This involved reorganizing and optimizing the existing content to ensure better alignment with user intent and search engine algorithms.

We implemented a strategic internal linking strategy to enhance the website's navigation and guide users toward relevant content seamlessly. This not only improved the user experience but also boosted the website's overall SEO.

Addressing major indexing issues was crucial for improving Flygi's visibility on search engines. We worked diligently to resolve these issues, ensuring that search engine bots could access and crawl the website more efficiently.

03. The Result

The collaborative effort with Flygi yielded remarkable results within a relatively short timeframe.

Our strategic interventions led to a substantial increase in organic traffic, with Flygi experiencing a surge of visitors interested in discovering unique travel destinations.

By resolving the major indexing issues and restructuring the website's hierarchy, Flygi's online presence became more organized and accessible to both users and search engines.

The Flygi case study exemplifies the transformative power of strategic SEO and technical expertise. By conducting a comprehensive technical audit, optimizing content structure, implementing internal linking strategies, and resolving indexing issues, we successfully catapulted Flygi's organic traffic, greatly enhancing its online presence. This achievement not only provided Swedish travelers with easier access to unique travel destinations but also reaffirmed Flygi's status as a leading platform for discovering extraordinary travel experiences.

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