eGame Studio Building a Modern Digital Presence

Transformed digital presence with a new custom website and SEO focus in just 2 months

eGame Studio
Ohio, United States
01. The Challenge

eGame Studio, a startup in the live streaming software and esports coaching industry, faced a daunting challenge. Despite offering innovative products and services, the client struggled to generate any organic traffic. Additionally, their existing website didn't reflect the brand's essence and the potential of their offerings. A complete transformation was needed.

02. The Solution

To address eGame Studio's challenges, our team initiated a comprehensive solution that encompassed website migration, design, and SEO optimization.

We embarked on the task of migrating eGame Studio's website to a modern content management system (CMS) that would not only improve the website's functionality but also enhance its visual appeal. After careful consideration, we chose Webflow as the CMS of choice.

In parallel with the migration, our team worked closely with eGame Studio to craft a new digital presence. This included designing a custom website with bespoke graphics, a fresh color scheme, and an overall look and feel that resonated with the brand's identity and values.

Throughout the website migration and design process, we made sure to implement SEO best practices. This involved optimizing the site's structure, content, meta tags, and other elements to ensure it would be search engine friendly and rank well in organic search results.

03. The Result

The collaborative effort with eGame Studio led to remarkable outcomes.

Within just two months, eGame Studio had a brand-new digital presence that accurately represented their products and brand. The custom website design and graphics created a visually appealing and engaging online platform.

By incorporating SEO-friendly elements during the migration and design process, eGame Studio's website was well-prepared to rank competitively in search engine results, potentially driving organic traffic and user engagement.

The eGame Studio case study exemplifies the transformational power of a strategic digital overhaul. By migrating to a modern CMS, designing a custom website, and prioritizing SEO optimization, we successfully created a new digital presence for eGame Studio that aligns with their brand identity and positions them for growth in the competitive esports industry. This achievement not only provides the startup with an enhanced online platform but also signifies their commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of live streaming software and esports coaching.

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